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David Clark

David Clark

David Clark


David Clark heads up the Manufacturing & Innovation team for The McAvoy Group, one of the UK’s leading offsite construction specialists.

He leads manufacturing excellence across the Group’s two offsite production centres in Northern Ireland, implementing continuous improvement and innovative processes to further enhance efficiency and increase capacity to meet demand. David takes responsibility for applying new digital solutions and lean processes to improve efficiency and productivity of the offsite manufacturing process, which will support The McAvoy Group’s ambitious plans for growth


David joined McAvoy as Group Design and Engineering Manager in 2012. He progressed to Innovation Manager and was also responsible for the Group’s award-winning BIM strategy and implementation. His successes have included leading McAvoy to become the first offsite specialist in the UK to be accredited to BIM Level 2, and spearheading the Group’s pioneering use of virtual reality to improve customer engagement in the offsite design process


He has 20 years of experience in manufacturing for the construction sector which has included specialist cladding and structural steel solutions. He was recently successful in achieving an MSc in BIM and Project Management from Queen’s University Belfast, and also holds a BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing Management.

David is actively involved in a number of industry bodies, including Buildoffsite and the Offsite Management School, and is an acclaimed expert in digital construction having spoken at many high-profile construction events across the UK & Ireland.